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Do you need the services of an electrician in Ashfield, Post Code 2131, NSW? If you are in the affirmative, then you have found the best electrical contractor in the suburb. ARZ Electrical are residential and commercial electricians with a wealth of experience. They are the number one local choice for electrical solutions to problems besetting homes and businesses. A mobile team of highly trained technicians ready to respond to your electrical emergency or enquiry. Ashfield’s lights and power could not be in better hands.

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Best Price Electrical Services

Are you building a new home or renovating an existing one? ARZ Electrical contractors can wire your home, or business, to the highest standards. As licensed electricians servicing the Sydney market in Ashfield, and surrounding suburbs, they can rewire your house, apartment or building. Are you looking to upgrade or replace your current electrical switchboard? There are so many more electrical appliances in our homes, and workplaces, now and many older buildings cannot service the electrical demands; with their aged circuits and fuse box set ups. A new, or upgraded, switchboard will take the frustration out of your life, and be a far safer option than piggybacked power points and boards in your home.

ARZ Electrical, the Ashfield electricians, provide a complete range of electrical services, which include: lighting design, LED lighting, security lighting, downlights, eco lighting, ceiling fan installation, smoke alarms, power points, dimmers, light switches, safety switches, hot water system installation, solar power, electrical appliance repair and installation – ovens, dishwashers and heaters. We specialise in providing electrical solutions to your problems!

Safety Checks in Ashfield

Many of the homes and businesses in Ashfield are housed in older buildings, and wiring and fuse boxes wear out with age. Every year in Sydney, we hear about tragedies on the news involving homes burning down due to faulty wiring. The damage to property and human life is shocking and largely avoidable. Your local Ashfield electrical contractors, ARZ Electrical, can inspect your wiring and tag and test everything. We all work hard to purchase our homes and protecting them through vigilance is an ongoing responsibility; to maintain our investments and look after our loved ones.

Ashfield NSW - ARZ Electrical

Emergency Electrician Ashfield

When things go wrong they do not keep to a schedule, so a 24 hour emergency electrical service is part of our commitment. Our afterhours electrical work is all part of our superior customer service.

Ashfield Electricians

Data & Audio/Visual Cabling Ashfield

Communication is king in our homes and workplaces, and this means that we require a host of wires and cabling to connect our modern lifestyles. Our electrical services can clean up your current mess and make it much more efficient and attractively hidden.


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