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Are you looking for electrical services in Hurstville?

ARZ Electrical are the rapid response electricians for the south Sydney suburb of Hurstville, Post Code 2220, NSW. When you require the services of an electrician and you want a prompt response, call the contractors who care. Care about their reputation for high quality workmanship and their commitment to customer service. Don’t be kept waiting around when you really need help. Electricity is vital to our modern world, when it doesn’t work properly nothing does. It can also be dangerous and demands the services of highly trained licensed professionals. ARZ Electrical combines peak performance at the right price.

The Full Range of Electrical Contracting Services

What do ARZ Electrical Offer?

Residential and commercial electrical work. From wiring to lighting, safety switches to smoke alarms, switchboards to electrical appliance installations, and everything in-between. For all your Hurstville electrical requirements at home and in your place of business these guys have the answers. Put the spark back in your life when you need electrical help. Wiring a new home, rewiring an old home or business, lighting design including LED, electrical renovations, power points, fuses, testing and tagging, security lighting, CCTV installation, electrical repairs, new oven installations, ceiling fans, wiring for communication and audio/visuals.

Hurstville Electricians

Electrical Contractors Hurstville

In the busy St George area of Sydney, Hurstville stands like a beacon to big city living; packed with retail, offices and residences. Electrical contractors keep the power running and keep life humming along; when things stop working it is often an emergency and ARZ Electrical understands. This is why they arrive on time, get the job done, guarantee their work and clean up afterwards. You will get a quote first, so that you can decide, and an accurate estimation of the duration of the fix. Courteous and professional technicians will complete the necessary task with a minimum of fuss.

Hurstville NSW - ARZ Electrical your local Hurstville Electrician

Electrical Safety Standards

There is no avoiding the fact that electricity can be dangerous. Untrained operators get electrocuted all the time, houses and businesses burn down, and accidents and injuries can be tragic. Wiring and switchboards need replacing over time. New technologies are safer and they protect your property and family.

Have you had your electrical set-up checked lately?

Is your business or home in tip top shape, electrically speaking, and providing you with peace of mind?

ARZ Electrical offer safety inspections, tagging and testing, and assessments about the relative safety of your appliances, wiring and switchboards.

Electricians Hurstville - ARZ Electrical

Understanding Electric Circuitry in the Home

The circuits in your home are connected to power lines and these are fed currents of electricity via a generator which pumps the energy down the power lines and into your home. There are two basic types of electric circuits, which are power circuits and electronic circuits. The former transfer and control vast amounts of electricity via power lines and are in residential or workplace wiring systems. There are transformers and circuit breakers in-between the generators and the devices and appliances they power and of course the switches, which turn the appliances on and off. The electronic circuit is involved in the processing and transmitting of information, as with computers, TV’s and mobile phones.

The voltage is the force produced by a generator or battery to push the electrons down the line and the standard voltage in Australian homes is 240V. This is also why we categorise batteries according to their voltage with the average torch batteries being around 1.5V. The electrical current or flow of electrons is measured in amperes; the resulting electrical power produced by the voltage upon the amperes is measured in watts.

Wires, which are conductors, as they offer a low resistance to the electrical current, connect the components, like transistors, computer chips, light bulbs. Copper and aluminium are the most common metals used in conduction wiring. A closed circuit provides a complete pathway for the current to flow. An open circuit does not, meaning that the current cannot flow.

Thomas Edison, when working to power his invention of the incandescent light bulb, was one of the first to use electrical circuits and also developed a power station to generate the power to illuminate an entire city block in New York in the nineteenth century.









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