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Strathfield Electrical Contractors

Best price electrician in Strathfield, Post Code 2135, NSW for top quality work. ARZ Electrical contractors provide superior customer service and guaranteed expert workmanship. No electrical problem too big or too small for this mobile team of Sydney electrical contractors. They are tradesmen with honour and have a reputation for getting the job done on time and on budget. Residential and commercial electrical services provided.

Electrical Services

Complete wiring of new homes and businesses. The rewiring of existing homes and businesses. Electrical renovations, switchboard upgrades and replacements, safety checks, smoke alarms, safety switches, security lighting, LED lighting, lighting design, eco lighting, downlights, ceiling fans, electrical appliance installations – ovens, heaters and dishwashers. Plus repairs to electrical appliances, new power points, dimmers, light switches, hot water systems, solar power and much more. If it’s electrical we fix it!

Strathfield Electricians

Upfront Quote for Electrical Contracting

Do you require the services of an electrician in Strathfield or the surrounding suburbs? Call ARZ Electrical, no worries, and receive an upfront quote for your electrical work. No hidden extras, just one price, and an accurate estimation for the duration of time necessary to carry out your electrical work. Each of their mobile vans carries the parts and equipment to complete your electrical work, which means no waiting, quick work and the job well done.

STRATHFIELD NSW - ARZ Electrical, your local Electricians in Strathfield

A Case in Example

Mr Lee of Strathfield lost power to half of his home through faulty fuses and aged wiring, so he called ARZ Electrical. Joe, the ARZ electrical technician, arrived within the prescribed time and diagnosed the electrical fault causing the power loss to Mr Lee’s rooms. The fact that Joe had the correct replacement wiring, fuses and switches on board enabled him to fix the problem in twenty minutes.

Electricians STRATHFIELD - ARZ Electrical

Lighting Design Strathfield

New technologies in lighting design, including LED lighting and home automation, have changed the game in terms of ambience in homes, and places of business. Lighting affects how rooms appear and the impression they make on visitors and clients. Do you want to make a good impression in Strathfield? Then let ARZ Electrical advise you on the benefits of lighting design. Showrooms shimmer, restaurants enchant and homes engender envy through creative lighting design. Stand out from the crowd this season with lights that style your abode.

Commercial Electrical Services

Experienced and reliable commercial electrical contracting in Strathfield at an affordable price is another reason why people choose ARZ Electrical. Doing business in Australia is not cheap; and when it comes to electrical installation, service and repair, you want the peace of mind of dealing with someone you can trust. Jobs completed on time, and on budget, at the best price possible. Competent advice from knowledgeable sources and a ‘can do’ attitude. Ask around and you will hear all the right sort of noises about ARZ Electrical.


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